How Voice Search impacts Mobile App Development

How Voice Search impacts Mobile App Development

A voice-recognition feature is a great tool these days. Mobile phones with voice recognition already exist. It is very popular due to the huge scale of Good voice recognition capabilities of today’s smartphone platforms like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

However, it is not the only factor behind increasing speech recognition on mobile phones. There is a growing demand for better user interfaces, especially from users who do not want to rely entirely on the touchscreen feature to communicate with their smartphone and want to have mobile phones with voice recognition.

Here are some statistics on voice search indicating a bright future

The future of voice technology depends on mobile app development:

Participation in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, And AR makes a useful impact on voice technology. The importance of speech recognition in terms of human tactile application is very clear. Mobile Application Development that takes speech recognition services to create a better user experience.

Many newer mobile applications offer the ability to translate voice into text. It gives better use of social apps and helps to communicate faster. The way consumers approach voice technology in the development of mobile applications is different, but the purpose is the same, easier to interact with.

Some Popular Personal Voice Assistant Are:

  • Google Assistant — Google
  • Siri — Apple
  • Cortana — Microsoft
  • Alexa — Amazon
  • Bixby — Samsung

Why adopt a mobile voice strategy?

Mobile phones are already personalized, more than any website. Additionally, mobile‌ has very little screen space, which makes it even more difficult for users to search or navigate. With larger product directories and more information, voice applications allow users to use natural language to eliminate or minimize manual effort, which makes tasks much faster. Allows customers to quickly browse and find their favorite shows or the latest movies with a few keywords, for example, the name of an actor.

Brands have to focus better on Mobile User Experience for their targeted customers and voice search is the best solution to do so. Users are searching for faster and more efficient ways to get things done and voice is quickly becoming the ideal channel for it. Whether it’s finding information, buying, or getting work done, Voice is the new mobile experience. It is clear that brands are racing to figure out their voice strategy.

Trends for Voice and AI in 2020

Sorted conversations

Users use voice assistants in specific locations, usually alone or in a group of people when doing multi-tasking and using them. Having devices that understand these contextual factors makes communication with these devices more convenient and efficient, but it also shows that the developers behind the technology aim to provide a more user-centered experience.

Compatibility and Integration

When coming to compatibility and integration, Amazon and Google are in the race of using Voice Assistants products. The idea behind this technology is to create custom devices that allow manufacturers to provide specific functions and integrate with the assistant. In 2021, we will see more interest in the development of voice-enabled devices. This includes the growth of mid-range devices: devices with some auxiliary functionality but Not full-fledged smart speakers.


Voice push notifications‌

Using user-centric push notifications as a tool to re-engage users with the app, Voice Technology provides a unique way to deliver push notifications. As a way to increase user engagement and retention, push notifications to remind users of the app and the user-related number.

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