Mobile App Development Trends In 2021 (Part-1)

Mobile App Development Trends In 2021

Having a mobile app is only the first step in building a modern service. It is important to keep it up to date and follow the latest trends — users are always one step ahead and their demand for innovative and smart solutions creates new challenges in ad app development.

According to Statista:

There are 2.6 million downloadable apps in the Google Play Store and nearly 2 million in the App Store.

The mobile app market is expected to grow by 385% by 2021.

By the end of 2021, there may be 7 billion mobile users worldwide.

By 2022, App Store user spending will increase by 92% to reach $ 157 billion.

Applications are increasingly influenced by the latest technological trends. Here are the key factors that will shape the world of custom mobile app development in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI applications vary by context. This could be a speech recognition feature, smart filters applied to the camera, or an Automated assistant setting up the camera before taking a shot. Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant are some of the most famous examples of AI-powered mobile applications, but there are countless applications of AI in the development of custom mobile applications.

It is possible to use a smartphone to analyze the sound of an industrial machine working to detect signs of impending failure — sometimes the sound of the machine changes only slightly, in a way that the human ear cannot detect, but the machine. No wonder AI is one of the hottest tech trends.


Blockchain and Decentralized applications

Blockchain technology is very popular as the technology that powers cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the most popular. The main idea behind this is to create a decentralized database that is hijacking-resistant and fraud-proof.

Blockchain technology can be used to gain access to payments or networks by generating tokens used in the authentication. With the decentralization of the database, no one can edit database records to gain unauthorized access.

Technology usually only appears in the context of cryptocurrency, but it is changing with the interest of tech giants. Microsoft has also launched its blockchain-based framework called Coco, which aims to increase blockchain acceptance in the enterprise sector and could be a kickstart for the development of a blockchain-based custom mobile application.


IoT and connectivity

The Internet of Things is the new buzzword and the old technology. The idea of connected machines that can exchange information to effectively cooperate has appeared in production and heavy machinery, but recently technology has entered the consumer market with smartwatches, smartphones, smart home devices, and smart fridges. The IoT market will reach 31 1,319.08 billion by 2026.

Source: Statista

By combining the Internet of Things with smartphones, it is possible to provide consumers with advanced tools to control their machines. An interesting example comes from agriculture, where smartphone apps are used to control machine systems such as tractors and to connect harvesters. Keeping pressure control in the tires is a great example Because different types of soils require different pressures to keep the grip from the machine.

Augmented and virtual reality

Transforms the user experience into an enhanced and virtual reality app that makes it more interactive. From AR apps to social media or business apps, how AR and VR apps work is revolutionary. In this year we can predict further Development of this technology through Application Development

If you ever have trouble figuring out how to fit new furniture inside, IKEA’s Augmented Reality (AR) app is the right tool for you. This app allows the user to use the smartphone camera and screen to place a digital armchair or bookshelf in a room.

In contrast to virtual reality, augmented reality aims to enhance our own experience without the user entering a new one. AR has great potential to be used in a variety of industries ranging from beauty and fashion to furniture to utilities.

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